[Bug 102322] System crashes after "[drm] IP block:gmc_v8_0 is hung!" / [drm] IP block:sdma_v3_0 is hung!

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Thu Sep 12 23:09:47 UTC 2019


--- Comment #87 from dwagner <jb5sgc1n.nya at 20mm.eu> ---
(In reply to Paul Ezvan from comment #86)
> My hypothesis on this problem not being easily reproducible is that it would
> happen only on specific GPU/CPU combinations.

... and at least a specific operating system (Linux) and a specific driver
(amdgpu with dc=1).

If your hypothesis was true - do you suggest everyone plagued by this bug just
buys a new main-board and an Intel CPU to evade it?

Since my Ryzen system is perfectly stable when used as a server, not displaying
anything but the text console, I'm inclined to rather keep my main-board and
CPU and just exchange the GPU for another brand that comes with stable drivers.

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