[Bug 111669] Navi GPU hang in Minecraft

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--- Comment #3 from Doug Ty <git at dougty.com> ---
Thanks for the response.
Still hanging, unfortunately.

While the patch allows me to replay the first apitrace just fine now, I'm still
hanging in the same spot ingame. Same messages in journalctl

I've captured a new apitrace that recreates the hang with the patch for me.


As suggested in the other thread, AMD_DEBUG=nodma seems to successfully prevent
the hang. Unsure if you can see it in the apitrace, but there are usually some
artifacts shortly before the hang: stretchy verts, sheep textures turning blue
-- these are also not present with nodma

It's worth noting that I am getting some general desktop instability and sdma
hangs like in the other thread you linked as well. While compiling the kernel
patch I got a hang trying to watch a video in Firefox (has happened a couple
times before), and previously I've also gotten hangs while loading Half Life 2
maps and closing GIMP. Not sure if any of these could be related. They happen
so irregularly that I've been unable to reproduce or capture apitraces for
them. Occasionally images on web pages will load corrupted and not display as
well, though I can't tell if this is a GPU problem or a browser/network

The card works great on my Windows dual boot, so I'm pretty sure it's not a
hardware problem. (though I have to use 19.7.5 as anything newer causes Firefox
to blue screen me)

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