[RFC PATCH 0/7] Emulated coherent graphics memory take 2

Hillf Danton hdanton at sina.com
Sun Sep 15 03:34:50 UTC 2019

On Fri, 13 Sep 2019 11:32:06 +0200
> The mm patch page walk interface has been reworked to be similar to the
> reworked page-walk code (mm/pagewalk.c). There have been two other solutions
> to consider:
> 1) Using the page-walk code. That is currently not possible since it requires
> the mmap-sem to be held for the struct vm_area_struct vm_flags and for huge
> page splitting. The pagewalk code in this patchset can't hold the mmap sems
> since it will lead to locking inversion.

Specify the locking scenario, if non-rfc is planned, to help understand
the new wheel this patchset looks to create, as two days of finding it in
the works after ba4e7d973dd0 failed.

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