[Bug 202445] amdgpu/dc: framerate dropping below adaptive sync range causes screen flickering

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Mon Sep 16 14:58:55 UTC 2019


--- Comment #35 from Clément Guérin (libcg at protonmail.com) ---
If you haven't updated to linux 5.2 yet, you should because it fixed constant
flickering when in LFC mode.

This additional patch helps when freesync goes in and out of LFC mode. It's not
fully fixed, but the flickering is a lot less severe. According to the Phoronix
article it should indeed land in linux 5.5.

When compiling a kernel you should be able to install it next to the regular
one so you can't break your setup. I personally used the linux-mainline package
from the AUR and added the LFC patch on top.

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