[Bug 204227] Visual artefacts and crash from suspend on amdgpu

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Thu Sep 19 21:09:01 UTC 2019


--- Comment #13 from Mirek Kratochvil (exa.exa at gmail.com) ---
After the BIOS upgrade the kernel parameters can be removed, but the kernel
(5.2.16) now locks up when entering XFCE (it survives lightdm though). The
error is almost same as as in the posted dmesg; I'll attach mine with
backtraces in a few seconds.


This gets printed out before each warning:
[   66.159175] [drm] pstate TEST_DEBUG_DATA: 0x36F60000

R08 gets increased by some value between 49 and 56 after each next warning (the
value is sometimes in R10)

Userspace seems working otherwise (the logs are from syslog), just the display
won't show anything.

I will try a few other kernels available for debian and eventually bisect.

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