[Bug 204181] NULL pointer dereference regression in amdgpu

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Fri Sep 20 13:19:09 UTC 2019


--- Comment #50 from Sergey Kondakov (virtuousfox at gmail.com) ---
(In reply to Christopher Snowhill from comment #49)
> RX 480. Applied patch, haven't had any spurious crashes since. Using
> patchset since kernel 5.2.14, now using it on 5.3. Haven't had any
> suspend/wake crashes yet, either, but that may be unrelated.
> Will continue applying it to successive 5.3 kernels until it is officially
> backported, and will report if there are any further crashes.

I also built 5.3 with these patches, almost just as it came out:

No fails on X11's amdgpu so far BUT I've changed both TearFree and
vm_update_mode options to defaults (but pci=big_root_window that makes BAR=VRAM
is still active), so it may be just worked around and not completely gone, will
try vm_update_mode=3 later. Would be nice to have some clue about what vm_*
options actually entail for OpenCL, compute-shader and general rendering
performance. I just set them for whatever, code in amdgpu_vm.c goes high above
my head.

Modesetting X11 driver behaves weirdly for me: enabling PageFlip in it still
gives me errors and in both cases it just draws the black screen with movable
cursor above it instead of sddm greet-screen. But amdgpu works, so, fine.

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