[Bug 111482] Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT power consumption

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--- Comment #22 from Leon <leon at tutanota.de> ---
(In reply to Andrew Sheldon from comment #20)
> (In reply to Leon from comment #19)
> > By the way, since I have a x470 mb, it cannot be related to PCI express 4.0.
> > It's also not related to dual displays, since I'm running just one.
> Not necessarily. Some x370 and x470 motherboards erroneously reported PCIE
> 4.0 support in earlier BIOS (AGESA) updates. You might want to update to the
> latest available bios, if that is the case with your board.
> Although, since you are using 5.3.1 I don't think the bug has been fixed in
> mainline 5.3 yet. You might want to use amd-staging-drm-next, or wait for
> 4.1-rc1.

Already did even before installing the 5700 XT. Running bios P3.60 with AM4 ABB AGESA.

Thanks for the kernel suggestion though!

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