[PATCH 1/4] add dts node for drm panel driver ili9341 add dts i2c3 for stmpe touch add dts spi5 for gyro & ili9341

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Sat May 2 06:30:36 UTC 2020

Hi dillon min

> > okay, thanks alexandre, i will go through these docs. currently i'm on may
> day holiday,  will be back at  next wensday.
> after go back to work. i will separate this patch to five part with 9
> patchs , should be more clear
> dts releated
>     1,  ARM: dts: stm32: Add i2c3 node for stm32f429
>     2,  ARM: dts: stm32: Add drm panel ili9341 nodes connect to ldtc
> support for stm32f429-disco board
>     3,  ARM: dts: stm32: Add stmpe811 touch screen support for
> stm32f429-disco board
>     4,  ARM: dts: stm32: Add l3gd20 gyroscope sensor support for
> stm32f429-disco board
> clk releated
>     1, clk: stm32: Fix ltdc loading hang in set clk rate, pll_hw set to
> clks[PLL_VCO_SAI] but not clks[PLL_SAI]
>     2, clk: stm32: Add CLK_IGNORE_UNUSED flags for ltdc, make sure ltdc clk
> not be released after system startup
> spi releated
>     1, spi: stm32: Add transfer mode SPI_SIMPLE_RX, SPI_3WIRE_RX support
> for stm32f4
> drm releated
>     1, drm/panel: Add panel driver ilitek-ili9341
> doc releated
>      1, dt-bindings: display: panel: Add binding document for Ilitek Ili9341

Patch separation looks good.
Please cc: me on both the binding and the panel patches.
The binding must be in DT Schema format (.yaml).
See a lot of examples in drm-misc-next for inspiration.

Looks forward to see/review your submission.


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