[Bug 207383] [Regression] 5.7-rc: amdgpu/polaris11 gpf: amdgpu_atomic_commit_tail

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Wed May 6 17:46:44 UTC 2020


--- Comment #12 from Duncan (1i5t5.duncan at cox.net) ---
OK, bisect says:

Peter Xu
mm: allow VM_FAULT_RETRY for multiple times

... which came in via akpm and touches drivers/drm/ttm/ttm_bo_vm.c.

But I'm not entirely confident in that result ATM.  Among other things I had
set ZSWAP_DEFAULT_ON for 5.7, and I had zswap configured but not active
previously, so that could be it too.  I'm not typically under enough memory
pressure to trigger it, but...

Luckily a git show -R generated patch still applies cleanly on current master
(5.7.0-rc4-00029-gdc56c5acd, tho I've only built it not rebooted to test it
yet) so I can test both the commit-revert patch and the changed zswap options

So I'm confirming still.

But perhaps take another look at that commit and see if there's some way
allowing unlimited VM_FAULT_RETRY could leave drm at least on on amdgpu
eternally stalled, which does seem to fit the symptoms, whether it's unlimited

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