[RFC v2 0/1] drm/connector: Add support for privacy-screen properties

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Mon May 11 17:47:23 UTC 2020

Hi All,

This RFC takes Rajat's earlier patch for adding privacy-screen properties
infra to drm_connector.c and then adds the results of the discussion from
the "RFC: Drm-connector properties managed by another driver / privacy
screen support" mail thread on top, hence the v2.

The most important thing here is big kernel-doc comment which gets added in
the first patch-chunk modifying drm_connector.c, this summarizes, or at
least tries to summarize, the conclusions of our previous discussion on
the userspace API and lays down the ground rules for how the 2 new
"privacy-screen sw-state" and  "privacy-screen hw-state" properties are
to be used both from the driver side as well as from the userspace side.

Other then that this modifies Rajat's patch to add 2 properties instead
of one, without much other changes.

Rajat, perhaps you can do a new version of your patch-set integration /
using this version of the properties and then if everyone is ok with
the proposed userspace API Jani can hopefully merge the whole set
through the i915 tree sometime during the 5.9 cycle.




I plan to start working on the lcdshadow subsystem next. As discussed the
plan for this subsystem is to allow drivers outside of the DRM subsys, such
as for example the thinkpad_acpi driver, to register a lcdshadow device,
which DRM drivers can then get a reference to and use to implement these

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