[Bug 207673] radeon: crash due to over temperature

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Wed May 13 12:20:57 UTC 2020


--- Comment #2 from phileimer (phil at jpmr.org) ---
I can give more information about the over temperature problem :

* if I keep the 120C limit, the card runs at power level 3 until the driver

* limiting at 100C allows the driver to decrease power level to 2 after a small
overshoot, i.e. the temperature reaches 103/104C

* once at power level 2, the temperature stabilizes around 96C

* to test further, I decreased the case fan speed, and then, even with the 100C
limit, the card continues to run at power level 2 until the driver crashes
around 112C

So, there seems to be 2 problems :
* the default 120C is clearly too high, at least for this board/chip
* the temperature limit is used to go from PWL 3 to PWL 2, but there's no
decrease to a lower PWL (1 or 0), as a safe measure

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