drm/bridge: Synopsys DW-HDMI bridge driver for the Ingenic JZ4780 (was Re: Specialising the Synopsys DW-HDMI bridge driver for the Ingenic JZ4780)

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Wed May 13 21:18:12 UTC 2020

On Wednesday 13. May 2020 09.37.49 Neil Armstrong wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> I'm one of the drm/bridge maintainer and, with Jernel & Jonas, we did most
> of the changes on the dw-hdmi driver recently for the Amlogic, Rockchip &
> Allwinner platforms.

Thanks for following up to my message!

> On 12/05/2020 21:37, Paul Boddie wrote:
> > 
> > When powering up the system with the driver built into the kernel, the
> > driver is able to obtain mode information over DDC using the Synopsys
> > peripheral's own I2C support (which is more reliable than using the
> > JZ4780's I2C peripherals), and a viable list of modes is obtained.
> Can you run the kernel with drm debug enabled ? drm.debug=0x3f for example
> you'll have all the modes checks & so on

I'll try and do this.


> Please use the "modetest" utility from the libdrm source package, it will
> list all the available mode and permit testing other modes.

I'll give this a try. The modetest program was suggested by someone else as 
well, so it seems to be the way to go.

> > At the moment, I and others who have tried to test this code have seen
> > that
> > the peripheral is not enabled (as confirmed by inspecting the appropriate
> > entry under /sys/devices/platform). It appears that one obstacle is that
> > the "bus format" is not set for the connector. Here, I noticed (and was
> > reminded again recently) that in the bridge driver, there is no call to
> > drm_display_info_set_bus_formats unlike in other bridge drivers.
> This call is optional, if your video pipeline outputs RGB for the dw-hdmi,
> then you can leave the default for now and omit the bus format negotiation.
> When you'll push the driver, you'll have to implement it correctly like I
> did in the meson-dw-hdmi glue (and in RFC for rockchip driver).

I'll have a look at the meson code. Frustratingly, I am familiar with the LCD 
controller functionality on the SoC family concerned here, but how it 
interacts with the DRI/DRM functionality isn't particularly clear.

The Ingenic DRM driver seems to define support for a number of plane formats 
(XRGB1555, RGB565, XRGB8888) which correspond to output modes for the LCD 
controller set using its control register.

The driver also supports a number of bus formats (RGB565_1X16, RGB666_1X18, 
RGB888_1X24, RGB888_3X8) that correspond to panel configurations set using its 
configuration register.

However, nothing in the driver sets the bus format (or plane format), meaning 
that something else needs to do so. I see that the input bus format is set in 
the bind function in meson_dw_hdmi.c, and seems to be set in the attach 
function in other comparable drivers.

This is why I wondered whether the generic Synopsys driver might be missing 
such an operation, but it is also plausible that it could be performed in the 
specialised JZ4780 driver, although I currently provide few functions in that 
driver and maybe more customisation is needed.


> "Input not supported" means the timings/clk are incorrect.
> Of you had an format issue, you'll have incorrect colors/garbled output.

Note that this is with a modification to set drm_display_info_set_bus_formats. 
Without it, initialisation fails to complete, as noted previously. With it, I 
imagine that the timings are indeed wrong.


> Please enable the dw-hdmi debug prints and enable the DRM debug prints to
> check if everything is negociated.

I will try and generate debugging information.

> But if you have "Input not supported" on your monitor, this means you have
> TMDS going out on your hardware, which is good, this means all the
> power/reset/system clocks are ok.
> This could mean you have a timing/clock issue, please check if something is
> not done on the pixel clock before going to the dw-hdmi block.

I think I may have overlooked timing details, so this will also be a focus of 
mine as I review what I have done so far.

Thanks once again for the advice!


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