[PATCH 0/6] Add support for GPU DDR BW scaling

Matthias Kaehlcke mka at chromium.org
Thu May 14 23:56:15 UTC 2020

On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 04:24:13PM +0530, Sharat Masetty wrote:

> Subject: [PATCH 0/6] Add support for GPU DDR BW scaling

For anything but the first version the subject (for all patches) should
include the version (i.e. [v2, 0/6], etc for this series).

> This is a rework of my previous series [1], but this time based on the bindings
> from Georgi [2] + a few fixes which look to be fixed in v8 of Georgi's series
> [3]. The work is based on the chromeOS tip.

Chrome OS is irrelevant here, the series should be based on Linus' or
one of the relevant maintainer trees (+ the patches it depends on).
If it is actually based on the Chrome OS kernel tree (v5.4 I imagine)
there will likely be conflicts which will make maintainers unhappy.

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