Adaptive Sync enabling in Xorg Modesetting driver

uday kiran pichika udaykiran.pichika at
Mon May 25 13:31:21 UTC 2020


Am working on enabling the Adaptive sync feature as part of the
Xorg/Modesetting DDX driver by taking the reference of AMD DDX Driver
(xf86-video-amdgpu). Below is the commit which i submitted.

I have made the below changes to enable this feature
1. Enable Adaptive sync in Graphics Driver
2. Added Xorg.conf file with VariableRefresh property which is read in the
Modesetting driver --> This is working fine.

After taking the above changes, am observing that Adaptive sync is not

Below are my observations.
1. loader_dri3_helper.c  --> Adaptive sync property is being set once the
system is booted successfully on one Window. Once
set_adaptive_sync_property() method gets called, adaptive_sync_active flag
is setting to true. From the next time, when fullscreen applications are
loaded, this property never gets set on any window.
2. Once this property is being set, received a notification in modesetting
ddx driver and read the property from the Stuff->window.
3. But when the fullscreen application(Either DOTA or Xonotic), not
observing that this propety is not being set on any app window.

Can any one please help me why this property is not being set in the
application windows ?

Uday Kiran
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