[PATCH] drm/vkms: Don't warn hrtimer_forward_now failure.

Tetsuo Handa penguin-kernel at i-love.sakura.ne.jp
Tue May 26 04:18:45 UTC 2020

On 2020/05/26 2:00, Daniel Vetter wrote:
> Forgot to add: I did run this quickly with vkms as secondary output.
> Good fireworks show, but there's an entire army of additional splats
> after the first one. The WARN_ON you're removing is only the
> messenger, the real bug is probably one of the later backtraces. Or at
> least points more clearly at the real bug.
> -Daniel
>> Debug printk() patch shows that hrtimer_forward_now() can return larger than 1.
>> What is the reason you are expecting hrtimer_forward_now() to always return 1 ?
>>> If the vkms driver is loaded, and there's nothing else going on, then what
>>> I expect to happen is that this virtual hw is entirely off. And in that
>>> case, the vblank ioctl should be rejected outright. So there's definitely
>>> something fishy going on to begin with.
>>> If otoh the virtual hw is somehow on (maybe fbcon gets loaded, no idea),
>>> then the vblank wait shouldn't just blow up like this.

I see. Another debug printk() patch ( https://syzkaller.appspot.com/text?tag=Patch&x=135f254a100000 ) found that

  [   86.613767][ T7837] [drm:drm_stub_open] 
  [   86.621592][ T7837] [drm:drm_open] pid = 7837, minor = 1
  [   86.651632][ T7837] [drm:drm_ioctl] pid=7837, dev=0xe201, auth=1, DRM_IOCTL_WAIT_VBLANK
  [   86.663391][ T7837] [drm:drm_calc_timestamping_constants] *ERROR* crtc 32: Can't calculate constants, dotclock = 0!
  [   86.679151][ T7837] [drm:drm_calc_timestamping_constants] crtc 32: hwmode: htotal 0, vtotal 0, vdisplay 0
  [   86.688865][ T7837] [drm:drm_calc_timestamping_constants] crtc 32: clock 0 kHz framedur 0 linedur 0
  [   86.688899][ T7837] Starting out->vblank_hrtimer : out->period_ns=0 vblank->framedur_ns=0
  [   86.689348][ T7837] [drm:drm_vblank_enable] enabling vblank on crtc 0, ret: 0
  [   86.706883][ T7837] [drm:drm_update_vblank_count] updating vblank count on crtc 0: current=0, diff=0, hw=0 hw_last=0
  [   86.706962][    C1] now=86714983667 interval=0 ret_overrun=17693375

hrtimer_start(&out->vblank_hrtimer, 0, HRTIMER_MODE_REL) from vkms_enable_vblank() is
causing immediate vkms_vblank_simulate() callback. The reason of vblank->framedur_ns == 0
is that drm_calc_timestamping_constants() fails to calculate framedur_ns (which is 0 by default)
due to mode->crtc_clock <= 0. Thus, somehow initializing mode->crtc_clock > 0 might be able
to solve this problem.

By the way, if you have an environment that can reproduce this problem, you can
test with debug printk() patch above applied.

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