[PATCH v2 20/91] clk: bcm: rpi: Discover the firmware clocks

Stephen Boyd sboyd at kernel.org
Wed May 27 07:03:17 UTC 2020

Quoting Maxime Ripard (2020-04-24 08:34:01)
> The RaspberryPi4 firmware actually exposes more clocks than are currently
> handled by the driver and we will need to change some of them directly
> based on the pixel rate for the display related clocks, or the load for the
> GPU.
> This rate change can have a number of side-effects, including adjusting the
> various PLL voltages or the PLL parents. The firmware will also update
> those clocks by itself for example if the SoC runs too hot.
> In order to make Linux play as nice as possible with those constraints, it
> makes sense to rely on the firmware clocks as much as possible.
> Fortunately,t he firmware has an interface to discover the clocks it

Fortunately, the

> exposes.
> Let's use it to discover, register the clocks in the clocks framework and
> then expose them through the device tree for consumers to use them.
> Cc: Michael Turquette <mturquette at baylibre.com>
> Cc: Stephen Boyd <sboyd at kernel.org>
> Cc: linux-clk at vger.kernel.org
> Signed-off-by: Maxime Ripard <maxime at cerno.tech>
> ---

Reviewed-by: Stephen Boyd <sboyd at kernel.org>

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