[PATCH v6 5/9] clk: stm32: Fix stm32f429's ltdc driver hang in set clock rate

Stephen Boyd sboyd at kernel.org
Wed May 27 08:35:03 UTC 2020

Quoting dillon.minfei at gmail.com (2020-05-27 00:27:29)
> From: dillon min <dillon.minfei at gmail.com>
> This is due to misuse \u2018PLL_VCO_SAI' and'PLL_SAI' in clk-stm32f4.c
> 'PLL_SAI' is 2, 'PLL_VCO_SAI' is 7(defined in
> include/dt-bindings/clock/stm32fx-clock.h).
> 'post_div' point to 'post_div_data[]', 'post_div->pll_num'
> is PLL_I2S or PLL_SAI.
> 'clks[PLL_VCO_SAI]' has valid 'struct clk_hw* ' return
> from stm32f4_rcc_register_pll() but, at line 1777 of
> driver/clk/clk-stm32f4.c, use the 'clks[post_div->pll_num]',
> equal to 'clks[PLL_SAI]', this is invalid array member at that time.
> Fixes: 517633ef630e ("clk: stm32f4: Add post divisor for I2S & SAI PLLs")
> Signed-off-by: dillon min <dillon.minfei at gmail.com>
> ---

Acked-by: Stephen Boyd <sboyd at kernel.org>

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