[PATCH] dma-fence: allow dma fence to have their own lock

Sergey Senozhatsky senozhatsky at chromium.org
Mon May 30 15:45:10 UTC 2022

On (22/05/30 16:55), Christian König wrote:
> If you just want to create a single dma_fence which is also only bound to a
> single context you can embed the lock into the fence without much problem.
> See how the dma_fence_array does that for example: https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/latest/source/include/linux/dma-fence-array.h#L37

Christian, I'm not sure I'm following you on the "embed the lock into the
fence without much problem" part. If I understand it correctly this should
be something like:

	fences = kmalloc_array(1, sizeof(*fences), GFP_KERNEL);
	for_each_fence(...) {

		// what spinlock should I use here?

		dma_fence_init(&fences[i], .. &lock ..);
	fence_array = dma_fence_array_create(1, fences, ....);

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