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Dane Rushton danerushton at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 21:44:10 PST 2006


r200_dri is the correct driver. The radeon one is for older cards.
It determines which one to use from:

I had similar problems getting the examples and info programs going with 
various 'undefined symbol' errors.
It appears the linker isn't pulling in dependant libraries properly. You 
can force it by using LD_PRELOAD, such as:
	LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib/libEGLdri.so /usr/lib/libGL.so" 

That will get eglgears, eglinfo, and demo3 working from the 
Mesa/progs/egl directory. demo1 and demo2 still are trying to use the 
old fb_dri. Should probably fix them and submit a patch.
To get glitzinfo and glitz's rendertest going you will have to edit some 
code as they haven't been updated to the new EGL api.
Basically change 'eglShowSurfaceMESA' to eglShowScreenSurfaceMESA'. I 
should probably submit a patch for that as well.

By the way, I had to run them as root. Jon Smirl's patch to enable 
non-priviledged users in DRM from a while back won't work anymore due to 
a change in the format of the DRM code, but it should be straightforward 
to update it manually.

Hope that helps.


Daniel Sperka wrote:
> I'm experiencing the same problem with kernel, latest CVS drm 
> and Mesa.
> Where is egl making its determination of the driver to use? Why doesn't 
> it choose radeon_dri.so instead of r200_dri.so?
> Where does egl get its configuration from?
> Thanks.
> Dan
> Otto Solares wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I compile linux-dri with EGL enabled, it compiles fine but
>> when running the demos at progs/egl I get errors.
>> These demos runs fine when using eglGetDisplay with
>> EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY as it uses the demodriver, r200_dri
>> have undefined symbols.
>> Also compiling fb_dri when added to the DRI_DIRS is broken.
>> I was using linux-solo like a year ago, I just recently realize
>> about this extension which is _much_much_ better so keep the
>> good work!
>> EGL Info: eglChooseDriver() choosing r200_dri
>> EGL Debug: dlopen(r200_dri.so)
>> EGL Warning: Could not open r200_dri.so
>> (/home/solca/devel/Mesa/lib/r200_dri.so: undefined symbol: 
>> _glapi_Dispatch)
>> eglinfo: eglInitialize failed
>> -otto

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