xdg-app 0.5.2 released

Alexander Larsson alexl at redhat.com
Fri Apr 15 09:38:53 UTC 2016

xdg-app 0.5.2 is available in the regular place:


This is the release that should be used to build the gnome 3.20 and the
freedesktop 1.4 runtimes, as it has to fixes and changes to xdg-app-
builder that are needed.
Major changes in 0.5.2

* The way locale extensions work has changed. Now we build a single 
  extension for all locales, but we allow you to specify a subset of
  it during installation and update time using the --subpath 
  commandline flag.
  The main reason for this is that the many extensions didn't scale, 
  both in technical terms (large ostree summary file size), but also 
  in terms of the UI listing hundreds of uninteresting things.
* We no longer use sizes in the commit objects to get installed and 
  download size, instead we store some extra metadata in the summary 
  file. This allows us to get much faster access to these, as with 
  recent ostree versions we can cache the summary file.
* New command xdg-app build-sign that lets you sign a commit at any 
* New argument xdg-app build --force-clean that removes pre-existing 
  build dirs.
* xdg-app run now uses the "current" version as the default if you 
  specify no branch or arch. It used to default to the "master" branch.
  This will default to the last installed version, but can be changed 
  with xdg-app make-current.
* Added config-opts to the build-options in xdg-app-builder. This 
  allows you to extend the configure flags in an arch dependent way.
* Documentation updates

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