Announce: Flatpak 0.6.10

Alexander Larsson alexl at
Mon Sep 12 11:49:08 UTC 2016

Available here:

$ sha256sum flatpak-0.6.10.tar.xz 
bc16df27b6efef087c1f527c4cc1ad75973fe06fd51053503c1157e702475aa9  flatpak-0.6.10.tar.xz

Major changes in 0.6.10

 * Dropped requirement for systemd --user.
   The way we detect if an process we're talking to is sandboxed, and
   what application id it has doesn't use cgroups anymore, which means
   that the dependency on systemd in the user session is now optional.
   This also means the --no-desktop argument is not needed any more.
   (It is still accepted but does nothing.)
 * Initial support has been added for .flatpakref files. These are simple key
   value files similar to .flatpakrepo files, however they specify an application
   to install in addition to the repo information. For example, gedit can be
   installed by downloading and running:
     flatpak install --from gedit.flatpakref
   There is also library support for this so it can be added to graphical
   installers (such as gnome-software).
 * Requires OSTree 2016.10. The change in how OSTree handles mtimes in
   checkouts that was introduced in 2016.7 has been reverted, and
   the required changes in Flatpak has been made. This means that
   flatpak now depends on OSTree 2016.10.
 * Requires Bubblewrap 0.1.2 for builds using the system bubblewrap.
   Builds using the included copy need no changes.
 * The $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/flatpak-info file has added information
   about the running application, and is now also securely available
   for a running application from the host as "/proc/$fd/root/.flatpak-info".
   This is what is used to identify remote apps instead of the cgroup
 * A new run permission --allow=devel has been added. An application with
   this permission is allowed to use ptrace and perf. This was previously
   only available during "flatpak build" and "flatpak run -d". This
   is useful if you're packaging e.g. an IDE.
 * When an application is updated or removed a /app/.updated or /app/.removed
   file is created for running instances. This can be used by applications to
   trigger e.g. a restart for the new version.
 * A new dbus request "HostCommand" has been added to org.freedesktop.Flatpak.
   This lets you run any command on the host, and is therefore clearly not
   sandboxed, so access to this should be limited. However, it is very useful
   if you're using flatpak mainly as a distribution mechanism, for a non-sandboxed
 * flatpak-builder now supports running from inside a flatpak, by auto-detecting
   this and using the HostCommand service to run recursive flatpaks.
 * Consecutive calls to flatpak build-update-repo has been speed up.
 * The document portal now allows sandboxed applications to create references
   to files in /app and /usr (in the app/runtime).
 * The update process now doesn't stop at the first failure.

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