Announce: Flatpak 1.10.0

Alexander Larsson alexl at
Fri Jan 15 07:46:57 UTC 2021

This is the first stable release after the 1.9.x unstable series.
The major new feature in this series compared to 1.8 is the support
for the new repo format which should make updates faster and download
less data.

This release also contains the security fixes from 1.8.5
(CVE-2021-21261), so everyone on the 1.9.x series should update

Other changes since 1.9.3:

 * The systemd generator snippets now call flatpak --print-updated-env
   in place of a bunch of shell for better login performance.
 * The .profile snippets now disable GVfs when calling flatpak to
   avoid spawning a gvfs daemon when logging in via ssh.
 * Build fixes for GCC 11.
 * Flatpak now finds the pulseaudio sockets better in uncommon
 * Sandboxes with network access it now also has access to the
   systemd-resolved socket to do dns lookups.
 * Flatpak supports unsetting env vars in the sandbox using --unset-env,
   and `--env=FOO=` now sets FOO to the empty string instead of
   unsetting it.
 * Similarly the spawn portal has an option to unset an env var.
 * The spawn portal now has an option to share the pid namespace
   with the sub-sandbox.

Available at:

$ sha256sum flatpak-1.10.0.tar.xz

 Alexander Larsson                                Red Hat, Inc
       alexl at         alexander.larsson at

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