OpenPrinting distribution in OCI containers

Christian Hergert christian at
Thu May 5 19:38:40 UTC 2022

On 5/4/22 3:25 PM, Andrew Hayzen wrote:
> It looks interesting in that it can run an image with some sandboxing
> and appears like a normal systemd service.

I've wanted something similar for Sysprof so that we could distribute it 
as a Flatpak (and have sysprofd installed on demand w/ portable service).

The things currently limiting in that regard that we'd need to overcome 
to make it work well:

  * Make sure we can install the portable service using the D-Bus 
interface, passing an FD for the squashfs/tar/etc for deployment.
  * Teach systemd to hold a reservation on a D-Bus name that will be 
taken by the portable service.
  * Teach the portable services to be spawned with a SOCKET_FD or 
similar which already owns the D-Bus service name and take over that 
connection for the bus connection.
  * Most likely if we're using D-Bus for communicating with privileged 
services we also need policy kit integration at the portable service 
level. That means polkit needs to allow dynamically registered policy 
which is revoked/unloaded when the portable service exits or is purged.

-- Christian

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