[Fontconfig-bugs] [Bug 25535] Cache file does not get updated when files are added or removed to directory on FAT

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Sun May 27 05:47:52 PDT 2012


--- Comment #34 from Akira TAGOH <akira at tagoh.org> 2012-05-27 05:47:52 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #33)
> This becomes quite hairy: Linux has statvfs(3), but struct statvfs does not
> have a field with FS type, so under Linux statfs(3) is preferred, opposite to
> Solaris.

Right. that's why I did make a conditional with both of HAVE_FSTATVFS and
HAVE_STRUCT_STATVFS_F_BASETYPE say to get it working properly.

> I think I'll resort to long list of #if defined(<ONE_OS>) ... #elif
> defineD(<ANOTHER OS>) .... What do you think about it?

I'd get rid of the platform dependent ifdefs as far as possible, because it
causes a trouble when adding additional platform support. also that may has a
duplicate code. though we have __linux__ in the code. it's the kind of
exception. the magic code of the filesystem is the platform dependent and there
are no way to determine the filesystem type from the string in Linux AFAIK.

Anyway, I'll think about it more.

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