[Fontconfig] Problems with configuring fontconfig

Rodrigo Dias Arruda Senra rsenra at acm.org
Wed Apr 2 13:19:48 EST 2003

 Rodrigo Senra wrote:
 | > ------
 | > No fonts found;...

 Keith Packard wrote:
 | This is most likely caused by broken files holding cached information 
 | about the available fonts.  You should be able to fix this by running (as 
 | root):
 | # fc-cache -f
 | and then as yourself:
 | $ fc-cache -f
 Thank you Keith.
 But running fc-cache is taking 100% CPU and simply never stops in
 my PIII-1Ghz. I quit after 10 minutes. Did I quit too soon ?

 In fact, I manage to make fonts work by editing manually /etc/fonts/font.conf,
 where I added the absolute path to directories containing  font files.
 I thought I could specify a base path, and fontconfig would recurse down
 that path seeking the effective files.

 Since my fontconfig.tex file is incomplete (from fcpackage.2_1),
 what should be the expected behaviour ? Should I compile Xrender and
 Xft1 ? If so, what would be the suggested procedure.

 Rod Senra

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