[Fontconfig] Problems with configuring fontconfig

Adam Sampson azz at us-lot.org
Wed Apr 2 23:14:57 EST 2003

Keith Packard <keithp at keithp.com> writes:

> Fontconfig 2.2 will probably not bother to include such directories
> by default as many (most?) users won't want to see bitmap fonts in
> any circumstances.

I think this is a little optimistic -- for many applications
(particularly terminal windows and on small displays), bitmap fonts
still look significantly better than FreeType-rendered outline
fonts. Perhaps it might be worth considering putting some rules in the
default config to use the bitmap versions of Helvetica, Courier
etc. when non-antialiased rendering is requested?

Also, XFree86 doesn't currently ship any outline fonts with decent
Unicode coverage, so it's useful to have the fixed and ClearlyU fonts
available to fontconfig-using applications.

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