[Fontconfig] Changing all fonts to Bold

Amir Sela amir at neurojacked.net
Mon Apr 14 21:47:55 EST 2003

I've been trying to make my Xft2-based applications (Mozilla-xft on Debian 
unstable) to use the Arial font as bold. I looked at previous postings to the 
list, and tried to formulate something from what I understood:
<match target="font">
        <test name="weight" compare="less"><const>bold</const></test>
        <edit name="weight"><const>bold</const></edit>
I put this into my user's .fonts.conf file, to cause "all fonts with weight 
being less than bold, be bold" but I don't see any difference in the font 
after reloading Mozilla(Waiting 30 seconds before I do). When I change the 
edit directive to antialias false, I can see that it's working. What am I 
doing wrong? Just for the record, a few facts:
KDE 3.1.1 is installed, and shows Arial as bold fine in kword(That KDE is not 
The font directory that I've included with a <dir></dir> directive includes 
all the Arial ttf files, including arialbd.ttf.
Thanks in Advance,
P.S - Please CC my E-Mail address as I'm not subscribed.

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