[Fontconfig] Problems going from RH8 to RH9

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Tue Apr 15 13:32:07 EST 2003

On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 10:04, Jonathan W. Smith wrote:
> Well, I have learned two things, while hopefully waiting for a fix to Red
> Hat and/or fontconfig, so that I again might use a Graphical User Interface
> on my Linux machine:
> 1. Fontconfig cannot be removed. I thought I would try removing fontconfig
> to see if the system would revert to the old xfs. Nope, fontconfig and RH9
> are too intertwined to allow that.
> 2. Fontconfig won't re-install. I thought I would try reinstalling
> fontconfig to see if the system would become usable. Nope, the installation
> freezes when I try to install just fontconfig.
> I notice that the fontconfig version on my hampered machine is 2.1-9. I
> wonder if I should try installing a pre-release version?
> Or, should I just give up and install a fresh version of RH9 and wipe out
> six months of building the RH8 system?

Well, though I have no idea what your problem is, it almost certainly
has something to do with the exact set of fonts that fontconfig is
looking at.

So, create /usr/share/fonts.back, go through the things in

 rpm -qf blah.ttf

Will tell you whether they came from Red Hat or not. If they didn't
come with Red Hat, try moving them to /usr/share/fonts.back. Once
you get down to things shipped with Red Hat Linux, my expectation
is that things will work.

Also check what you have in ~/.fonts. And finally (I forget if I asked
this before), a first step in isolating the problem is to determine
whehther the problem occurs for all users or just for one user.


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