[Fontconfig] Re: [Freetype] possible font selection/rendering problem in mozilla and konqueror

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Apr 20 17:42:36 EST 2003

Around 7 o'clock on Apr 20, "Philippe A" wrote:

(I removed freetype at freetype.org as this is almost certainly a fontconfig 

> I wrote a simple html file to compare the font selected when specifying a 
> general family name versus the result when specifying my prefered font for 
> the same family. For example, I expect the the following strings to render 
> identically:

I cannot reproduce the mismatches that you've found, it may well be that 
recent fontconfig versions have fixed a bug.

Please give fontconfig 2.1.94 a try and see if you still have problems of 
this nature.  If so, please include your .fonts.conf file (and local.conf 
file if any) so that any missteps in the configuration file can be sorted 

Here's what I added to my ~/.fonts.conf file to select the fonts you 

	                <family>Nimbus Roman No9 L</family>
	                <family>Luxi Sans</family>
	                <family>Luxi Mono</family>

One additional question is what your LANG or LC_ALL environment variables 
are set to -- fontconfig uses the local language to help direct font 
selection to fonts that can support that language.  Explicitly using the 
family name overrides that part of the match.


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