[Fontconfig] Installed 2.1.94 - dependencies, fails to read win\fonts and lo

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Apr 21 07:07:55 EST 2003

Around 13 o'clock on Apr 20, "sean darcy" wrote:

> But...the cvs mytery remains.

I think we're going to have to live with this particular mystery; it won't 
be a problem for people building from the package, and perhaps we can fix 
it in CVS at some point in the future.  I guess neither of us know enough 
about automake/autoconf to figure out where the problem actually lies.

> s, at HASDOCBOOK@,yes,;t t
> s, at ENABLE_DOCS_TRUE@,#,;t t
> s, at ENABLE_DOCS_FALSE@,,;t t
> s, at DOCDIR@,${datadir}/doc/fontconfig,;t t

This looks like you said '--disable-docs' on the autogen.sh command line 
but the configure script did manage to find docbook2html.  Remember that 
when building from CVS, you cannot use '--disable-docs' as the pre-built 
documentation isn't present in the CVS repository.  If you didn't use 
'--disable-docs', then we've a fine autoconf mystery...

Thanks for testing CVS to make sure the .fon bug was squashed.


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