[Fontconfig] Re: Problem with make install under mingw

Nicholas Wourms nwourms at myrealbox.com
Fri Apr 25 07:35:16 EST 2003

Keith Packard wrote:
> Around 11 o'clock on Apr 23, "Andrew Pendleton" wrote:
>>Does fontconfig compile under mingw?
> Never tested that.  fontconfig uses automake and libtool for compiling, so 
> perhaps the problem is in one of those two tools.

He probably needs to compile inside cygwin and pass the 
-mno-cygwin cflag during the configuration process so that 
libtool/gcc will produce mingw binaries.

> What is mingw, anyway?

It's a set of development tools which allow you to compile 
unix-style code into MFC/Win32 native binaries&libraries 
without a posix/syscall emulation layer (Cygwin).  However, 
to my knowledge there is no native X11 support in Windows 
(XonX style), so I really fail to see the point in building 
  fontconfig for it.  The person would be best advised to 
use the existing TT font rendering API if he/she needs 
truetype support in their application.  [Of course, I could 
be wrong and someone has figured out a use for a native 
Win32 api version of fontconfig...]

OTOH, Alan Hourhaine has fixed up things for the 
Cygwin/XFree86 project so that Xft2 & Fontconfig will be in 
4.3.x when it is released.  This is still a WIP, so there 
aren't any releases yet, AFAIK.


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