[Fontconfig] Qt 3.2.3, Xft, and Solaris 8

Ken Deeter ktdeeter at alumni.princeton.edu
Sat Dec 6 08:21:19 EST 2003

> I've compiled qt on Solaris 8 with Xft support, but I'm having the
> same problem as detailed in this post:
>    http://mail.fontconfig.org/pipermail/fontconfig/2003-August/000581.html
> As in that post, GTK2 apps use anti-aliased fonts correctly, while 
> QT apps do not. The qtconfig app shows that I have them enabled by 
> default, yet they simply are not used/rendered. Turning on and off
> aliasing in qtconfig/kcontrol has no apparent effect.

Seeing the same effect here, except that I'm just running it through
Xnest (which also doesn't support RENDER). Xft should be able to render
anti-aliased fonts even w/o the RENDER extension, so I think QT's
handling of it is wrong, unless they are trying to do something
completely different.

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