[Fontconfig] fontconfig with non-local Xserver

Zarick Lau zenithlau at i-cable.com
Mon Dec 8 15:19:26 EST 2003


=E5=9C=A8 2003-12-06 Sat =E7=9A=84 08:18=EF=BC=8C wrstuden at wasabisystems.=
com =E5=86=99=E9=81=93=EF=BC=9A
> I recently updated some packages on a lab machine, and now some of the =
> programs are using fontconfig. While fontconfig looks much more
> sophisticated than the older font locating tools, it unfortunately assu=
> the fonts are local. Thus these programs don't run anymore.
> I can't run fc-cache, because there aren't any fonts on the box.
> Installing fonts on the box just to run fc-cache seems silly and
> counter-productive, as the X server will be using the fonts installed o=
> it, not the ones on this box. Also, it doesn't scale well, as it means
> that I have to install (and maintain) fonts on all the boxes I have, as
> opposed to just the Xserver.
> So what can I do about this?

You may simply export a NFS mount point, from where you put the fonts.

Also, in my understanding, fontconfig should automatically regen. the
cache by comp. the dir mtime. Do I getting amything wrong?

Zarick Lau

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