[Fontconfig] Discovering the font file from the font name

Adriano Del Vigna de Almeida katmandu at fs.inf.br
Fri Dec 19 03:39:42 EST 2003

Right Keith, people,

I got a good source of sample at Fontilus... Now I can do what I need!
Thanks fot the help!

Another point. In my company we are working in some customizations of
fontconfig also. Beyond the actual management it does, we need that
fontconfig also works with a new sort of configuration. I'll explain.

For example, fontconfig now deals with all the fonts installed into the
system right? System wide and per user, under '~/.font.conf', ok?

We need that into '~/.font.conf' there is a new tag for the
enabled/disabled fonts, so when an client application to fontconfig
queries fontconfig for the available fonts, those tagged as disabled are
hidden from the applicatin request. So the user can make a complete
customization for his needs, hidding from his applications the fonts
that he doesn't need (or want) to use.

So, again, what are the directions for this modification? I believe that
both, the configuration module, which deals with the XML configuration,
and the matching module will need changes... Any tips for know? Just to
make thinks faster... Where to look first, or maybe, some explantion on
how all works together.

We at our company believe this could be a good improvement to
fontconfig... And we are excited to contribute to the improvement of

Thanks for the attention!

Adriano Del Vigna de Almeida

Em Qua, 2003-12-17 às 19:03, Keith Packard escreveu:

> Around 18 o'clock on Dec 17, Adriano Del Vigna de Almeida wrote:
> > I need to discover the font file from the font name. For example, I want
> > to remove the font named 'BitStream Vera Sans'. I need to pass to my
> > application this name, and then discover that this font name is
> > associated with '/usr/share/fonts/bitstream-vera/vera.ttf', for example.
> That's all fontconfig does; check out the fontconfig documentation or look
> at some of thecode in Pango, Mozilla or Xft to see how it's all put
> together.
> -keith
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