[Fontconfig] [PATCH] Automake for fontconfig

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sat Feb 22 13:14:57 EST 2003

Around 0 o'clock on Feb 22, Tony Graham wrote:

> To give you a start on using automake with fontconfig, attached to
> this message is a gzipped tar archive containing Makefile.am files and
> other files that needed changing for fontconfig to be able to use
> automake.

Thanks a bunch; I've been working on that here today.  I'll take a look at 
what you've got and mash it into what I'm doing.  When I've got something 
worth looking at, I'll stick it into bugzilla.

> The modified configure.in now also uses libtool.  Since I am not a
> libtool expert, I couldn't make it reproduce the
> 'libfontconfig.so.1.0' numbering of the current version without
> abusing the libtool numbering scheme

I've submitted a patch to libtool which should make it into version 1.5 
that permits explicit library version number control to solve this issue, 
and make it possible to use libtool with other existing libraries.


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