[Fontconfig] Use of the "Additional Style" Field

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Sun Feb 23 21:28:10 EST 2003

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I am trying to find out why, when left to its own devices, KDE's konsole is 
choosing to display a rather strange font.  Its picking up font 
as the default font.  This is part of Debian's base fonts package, but suffers 
from being rather ugly.

As far as the XLFD is concerned this font should fit what is needed (family, 
font size etc) EXCEPT for the Additional Style Field having the characters 
"ja" in them. There are other fonts which fit the bill, which do not have any 
additional style field, but also look nicer.

I am tracking my way through fcmatch.c with a debugger looking at what is 
happening, and effectively the requested font pattern is being compared with 
the pattern from every font installed on the system.  I have got to the point 
where the above font is found to be a better match than any other previously 
found font and I am examining the "pattern" that this font has.

I can't find any reference to the additional style it within the pattern.  The 
closest "elts[].object" name appears to be "style", but there is only 1 value 
for this and that is "regular".

I have also looked at the fonts.cache-1 field for the appropriate directory, 
and I can find no reference in there to the Additional Style property.

Some questions

What exactly does "Additional Style" represent?
Does/should fontconfig use this parameter in its font matching - if so what 
elts[].object name should it use.
The pcf property name in the file is "ADD_STYLE_NAME". Is this correct?

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