[Fontconfig] May these patches go into next release?

Yun-Ta Tsai bbns.csie91 at nctu.edu.tw
Fri Feb 28 19:28:40 EST 2003

        I found some patches that will fix several truetype fonts problems 
with asian characters both on printing to printer and showing on screen, also 
support asian font name. Unfortunatelly, I can't patch by myself because qt 
keep releasing , so I require for help. Three packages are needed to be 
patched: xft2, fontconfig, and libqt3c102 which will be a little bit nasty.

Patches can be downloaded here:
(Although it's japanese page but still the file name is shown in english.)

May these patches go in official? I think that will be very handy for ppl have 
to deal with lots of asian characters.

Best Regards
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