[Fontconfig] Type 1 fonts missing variations

Ross Burton ross at burtonini.com
Thu Jan 16 03:46:46 EST 2003


I'm trying to use Bauhaus (an genuine Adobe type 1) in GNOME 2. I
dropped the font files into my .fonts (which is working fine):

$ ls Bauhaus-*
Bauhaus-Bold.afm  Bauhaus-Heavy.afm  Bauhaus-Medium.afm
Bauhaus-Bold.pfa  Bauhaus-Heavy.pfa  Bauhaus-Medium.pfa
Bauhaus-Demi.afm  Bauhaus-Light.afm
Bauhaus-Demi.pfa  Bauhaus-Light.pfa

Then I run fc-list:

$ fc-list | grep Bauhaus

Hmm, where did all of the varients go?

Is this a known bug, am I doing something wrong, or what? I don't have
much experience of using Type 1 fonts in Xft, so this may be user error.

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