[Fontconfig] How Do I anti-alias text only larger than a certain pixel?

Chris Picton chrisp at tangent.co.za
Mon Jan 27 18:25:50 EST 2003

On Thu, 2003-01-23 at 12:37, Uri David Akavia wrote:
> My question is - how do I antialias fonts only larger than a certain
> size?
> If the procedure specified in this web page is correct I'll play with it
> until it looks like I want it to (since the fonts look preety much the
> same I'll change the parameters until the small sizes look better)
> http://elektron.its.tudelft.nl/~rbos36/mdkfreetype2.html

That procedure is for XFtconfig, not fonts.conf.

If anyone knows how to disable antialiasing for certain pixel sizes in
fonts.conf, please let us know...

Chris Picton <chrisp at tangent.co.za>
Tangent Systems

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