[Fontconfig] Stripping AA completely from fonts

Ambrose Li acli at ada.dhs.org
Wed Jul 9 12:36:36 EST 2003

On Tue, Jul 08, 2003 at 10:19:30PM +0300, Ciprian Popovici

> How can I make fonts be rendered like, say, GTK1 does, that
> is without any anti-aliasing whatsoever but still keeping
> the main font "lines" clear. Simply turning AA off seems
> to produce "mushy" characters, definitely not what I was
> expecting.
> Please tell me if I'm not making sense, I will put some
> pictures up somewhere. :)

Certainly you are making sense, but I don't think you will
really want to do that. Also, you probably should have better
luck posting to the freetype or perhaps gtk list.

If you really succeed to turn AA off completely, freetype2
will use the X driver. It will, however, produce "deformed"
characters at small sizes. Also if you run the application
through a slow network connection, the application may be even
slower than when AA is turned on.

Ambrose LI Cheuk-Wing  <a.c.li at ieee.org>


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