[Fontconfig] Regularizing contains operator semantics

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Jul 13 06:02:07 EST 2003

Around 14 o'clock on Jul 12, Owen Taylor wrote:

> What about in <match><test>? What does 
>  <string>times,courier</string>
>  <lang>en,de</lang>
> Mean there? If it means "an embedded comma" then I would suggest
> that fontconfig should probably print a warning like:

Sigh.  Yes, it means an embedded comma; only the string name parser 
(FcNameParse) splits things at punctuation.  This is useful for '-' where
<string>sans-serif</string> means the sans-serif family and not the sans 
family at size 'serif'.

If you want to check for any of a list, you can have multiple values in the
<test> case:

	<test name="family" qual=any>

That will look for either 'times' or 'courier'.

Or, you can use:

	<test name="lang" qual=all>

to check for both en and de.

I'd prefer to not emit warnings for reasonable syntax; I'm not sure how
one would rewrite the values to avoid the warnings which seems pretty 


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