[Fontconfig] Re: cross-compiling fontconfig

Jace Krull krull at balatech.com
Tue Jun 17 22:10:48 EST 2003

Keith Packard wrote:

>Around 15 o'clock on Jun 16, Nicholas Wourms wrote:
>>>but still run into problems during make and make install, when it tries to
>>>execute the (just built) fc-lang or fc-cache programs.
>>Easy, all you have to do is setup an AM_CONDITIONAL case statement in 
>>configure.ac to see if $build == $host.  If the test fails, then do not 
>>run the conditionalized portions of the respective Makefile.am's.
>The fc-lang (and new fc-glyphname) programs must be run as a part of the 
>build process and so must be compiled with the native compiler rather than 
>the cross compiler.
One approach I've seen is to simply require that the natively compiled 
binaries pre-exist in the environment (only when cross compiling). 
Usually that just means the package must be installed on compile host. 
Unless some of the binaries are not installed by the package, in which 
case you have to natively build it and copy the binaries from the build 
area, etc.

I know next to nothing about autoconf (beyond deciphering the resulting 
configuration scripts) so I can't help you much there. Except to test 
whatever you come up with on my platform.


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