[Fontconfig] max_cmd_len not set?

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Jun 29 04:41:48 EST 2003

Around 11 o'clock on Jun 2, Gordon Scott wrote:

> I'm presently trying to install fontconfig and, on my system at least,
> max_cmd_len does not get set in libtool. As a hack, I've simply set it
> to a sane value at the start of the file.

It appears that libtool 1.5 has a bug which generates an incorrect ltmain.sh
that gets included in the fontconfig distribution.  The bug is harmless, 
and should go away when I get an updated version of libtool installed on 
the distribution generating machine.  You should also be able to avoid the 
problem by using 'libtoolize --force --copy' and then re-running autogen.sh

> Also on my installation, the whole of the docbook stage fails,
> presumably because my docbook version is out of date.

Current CVS should let you use '--disable-docs' to avoid the problem.


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