[Fontconfig] Re: [XFree86] fontconfig and xft2-- where is release 2.1.1?

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Mar 2 06:51:32 EST 2003

Around 8 o'clock on Feb 28, James D Strandboge wrote:

> When using mozilla (1.2.1) with xft (2.1) enabled, loading a binary
> files crashes mozilla (or any mozilla based browser like galeon).  If
> xft2 is disabled, mozilla does not crash.  Eg:

Hmm.  "works for me".  In any case, the bug is likely in mozilla or Xft2, 
not fontconfig as fontconfig isn't involved in any page-specific stuff.

> I am not sure how to debug fontconfig other than the strace given in the
> debian bug report, but would be happy to try different things.

You might run mozilla under the debugger and generate a stack trace; that 
can be a bit tricky because of the weird shell scripts used to start the 
browser which you'll have to untangle a bit.


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