[Fontconfig] match all bold fonts?

Grigori Goronzy greg at chown.ath.cx
Tue Mar 4 05:50:38 EST 2003

I'd like to antialias all bold fonts. The 'weight' property requires an
integer(well, the docs says so...), so I put into my ~/.fonts.conf:

> <match target="pattern">
> <test qual="all" name="weight" compare="more"><int>500</int></test>
> <edit name="antialias" mode="assign"><bool>true</bool></edit>
> </match>

(500 should be the typographic 'thickness factor' for normal weighted
fonts, at least I read this in some css reference)

So, what are the right values for thin/normal/bold fonts? I also tried
using a string and "bold" as the value, no luck either. 

thanks for the help in advance


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