[Fontconfig] libxft2 kerning difficulty

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Mar 4 15:30:53 EST 2003

Around 19 o'clock on Mar 3, Dan Egnor wrote:

> How'd I do?

Looks right to me.

> Now let's take some example glyphs.  I'm going to be using MS fonts
> for these examples (from msttcorefonts).  If this is actually a bug 
> in the fonts, consider my question to be "how do I work around the 
> bugs in real-world fonts".  These are also not isolated examples, and 
> I can try to find them in other fonts as well.

I don't see any actual problems with the glyphs shown; at small sizes, the 
spacing between glyphs often gets rounded in odd ways.  I'd be interested 
to know if you've got the byte code interpreter enabled; one of the main 
improvements that can make is in spacing -- small sizes often have delta 
hints that fix these rounding problems.


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