[Fontconfig] Re: [XFree86] fontconfig and xft2-- where is release 2.1.1?

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sat Mar 22 10:19:35 EST 2003

Around 16 o'clock on Mar 21, Albert Chin wrote:

> Any chance of the prereleases at http://fontconfig.org/release/
> including Xrender, Xft1, and Xft2 as well?

Hmm.  That's complicated by the isolation of the X related libraries in 
XFree86 CVS to which I have no direct access.  Kinda makes it hard to 
create a release.

My eventual hope is that each library will live in it's own package as 
they really are all separate.  Perhaps in the near future this will be 


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