[Fontconfig] FW: FT_Get_Next_Char problems

Maisenhelder, Joel joel.maisenhelder at eds.com
Sat Mar 29 02:54:30 EST 2003

Well after reading all I can find on the net for my problems. I have decided
that I am just going to have to ask the list. I recently upgraded my box
from gnome 2.0 to gnome 2.2.1 . And thus upgraded fonconfig to 2.1. All I
get now are  fc-cache: relocation error: /usr/local/lib/libfontconfig.so.1:
undefined symbol: FT_Get_Next_Char

Or if I remove the dirs it has trouble with I get. No fonts found. What is
going on? I have downloaded many fonts and fontconfig does not seem to like
any of them. I test this by running fc-cache -v -f . I tried upgrading to
fontconfig-2.1.92.tar.gz but this seems to have the same problems as 2.1.
Any ideas? Any help would be great. TIA

Joel Maisenhelder
maisenhe at ugs.com

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