[Fontconfig] monospace support disabled?

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Mar 30 04:12:04 EST 2003

Around 9 o'clock on Mar 29, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Not sure if you are doing it or not, but CJK dual-width fonts need
> to be treated as monospace, just not metric forced to the maximum
> width. (If you want to metric force based on wcwidth() data, that 
> would be OK, though a little tricky, but I'm not sure there is a
> point.)

I'm not doing that right now  because Xft uses the 'spacing' value to 
force expansion to maxwidth.  I think we need to figure out both the right 
solution and a plan for migrating to that from where we are right now.

We need several things:

 1)	Identify monospace fonts
 2)	Identify dual-spaced fonts 
 3)	Force fonts to be monospaced
 4)	Force fonts to be dual-spaced

It seems clear the mechanism in 3) and 4) should be separate from 1) and 
2), while right now they are tied together -- 1) and 3) both use 'spacing'.

I suggest we add a new value that identifies mono/dual/other spacing in 
fonts; that will (at least) give us the ability to find fonts without 
affecting their layout.


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