[Fontconfig] Cyrillic monospace problem

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Thu May 1 01:41:44 EST 2003

Around 22 o'clock on Apr 29, Stefan Baums wrote:

> 	family: "bitstream vera sans mono"(s) "Bitstream Vera Sans"(w) "Verdana"(w) "Nimbus Sans L"(w) "Luxi Sans"(w) "Arial"(w) "Helvetica"(w) "Kochi Gothic"(w) "AR PL KaitiM GB"(w) "AR PL KaitiM Big5"(w) "Baekmuk Dotum"(w) "SimSun"(w) "sans-serif"(w) "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono"(w) "Andale Mono"(w) "Courier New"(w) "Luxi Mono"(w) "Nimbus Mono L"(w) "Kochi Gothic"(w) "AR PL KaitiM GB"(w) "Baekmuk Dotum"(w) "monospace"(w)

Applications present a list of family names to fontconfig for matching.  
This list is amended in various ways by the match/edit rules in the 
configuration.  Your configuration is adding all of the proportional 
sans-serif faces before the monospaced faces for some reason, so they are 
preferred in the match which is why you're getting the wrong result.

The easy fix is to figure out why all of these proportional faces are 
getting added to the pattern; you'll have to examine your configuration to 
figure that out.

Another possibility is to reconsider the precedence of various attributes
used in matching fonts by fontconfig.  Family names are placed in two 
classes before matching; 'strong' values ((s) above) are more important 
than language bindings while 'weak' values ((w) above) are less important. 
Both kinds of family names are more important than spacing values, and 
perhaps that should be reconsidered.


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